In the Show – 10th June 2008

Created by Artistic Director John Meehan for Le French May, Tricolor, is an eclectic programme with a neo-classical twist. It contains three highly challenging choreographic masterworks by ballet icons of the 20th century: Antony Tudor, Serge Lifar and George Balanchine, plus the White Swan Pas de Deux from Swan Lake. “Tricolor” will be a magnificent visual feast displaying the three colours of the French flag: blue, white, and red, each telling a unique story.

Also as part of Le French May, Hong Kong University’s Museum and Art Gallery is presenting Pablo Picasso’s Vollard Suite, a remarkable set of intaglio prints, until Sunday 20 July 2008. During his lifetime Picasso created approximately 2000 prints in media ranging from etching, drypoint, lithograph, to linocut. The 100 intaglio prints that make up the Vollard Suite are generally regarded as his finest achievements in printmaking. They fall under five main themes: The Battle of Love, the Sculptors ’ Studio, Rembrandt, the Minotaur, and the Blind Minotaur.

CS Lewis’s seven books in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series are bestsellers. Avid readers have bought over 100 million copies in 41 languages. They’ve also been adapted for radio, television, stage, and as animation films. The 2005 movie version of “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” was a bestseller too. At the time of its release it quickly became one of the Top 25 box office performers of all time. There are plans to film all seven installments. The second one, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” is in our cinemas this week. Gary Pollard reviews it.

Esteban Antonio began playing guitar at the age of three and started formal classical training at nine when he won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music, London. He studied classical guitar with John Williams and his disciples, as well as piano, violin, orchestration and composition. Antonio has worked with George Michael and David Bowie. He also played as featured flamenco guitarist in Kander and Ebb’s “The World Goes Round”.


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