In the Show – 1st July 2008

For two shows last weekend, one of the world’s most respected violinists, Midori, was in Hong Kong to perform the Brahms violin concerto with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s a much-loved work. It’s also considered one of the most technically demanding pieces in the repertoire.

Timur Bekmambetov is the creator of the most successful Russian film franchise in history, the Night Watch series. They are horror action movies with a touch of science-fiction thrown in. Bekmambetov is known for his visual style. There’s a new film by him, “Wanted”, showing at local cinemas right now. Like the others, it’s based on a graphic novel. It’s also highly visual, highly kinetic, and it stars Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Gary Pollard’s been to see it.

All over the world, museums are in transition. Curators and organisers are asking themselves just how to best strike the balance between collecting, conserving, studying, interpreting, and exhibiting, for the modern age. Hoping to encourage a fresh perspective on such institutions, the Asia Art Archive recently organised a Dream Museum Project. The project included workshops by leading professionals, and invited artists and members of the public to depict their dream museum.

“Clementine is My Sunshine” is the stage name of singer songwriter John Wu, who is still a high school student. He describes his sound as being like “Bob Dylan, before he got “The Band’.” In our studio he performs “Have You Heard?”, a song specially written to raise money for north Korean refugees.

Want to take a look at the show? Click here to see a streaming video.


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