In the Show – 8th July 2008

Think of a well known trumpet player, and you may be more likely to think of a jazz musician than a classical one – Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Chris Botti, or Wynton Marsalis. Most are men. In the classical music scene too, the world of brass is dominated by male players. Only a handful of trumpet players have made careers as soloists. One soloist who performed in Hong Kong last weekend is making a name in classical music though. And – more unusually – she’s female. She’s Alison Balsom.

Drama, so they say, is conflict, and there aren’t many more visible expressions of conflict than out and out violence. In cinema, violence is sometimes trivialised as in James Bond movies, at other times shown more brutally. Even if you’re used to the artifice of Hollywood violence though, you could find the movies of Austrian director Michael Haneke quite hard to take. The Broadway Cinematheque and Palace IFC cinemas are showing a retrospective of his movies until the 20th of the month. Film reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more.

“A wounded swordsman arrives at the home of a mysterious woman who lives like a hermit deep in the woods”. That’s the starting point for the latest production by Theatre du Pif, “Hanako’s Pillow”. Directed by award-wining Australian director Robert Draffin, it’s both a love story and a ghost story, about a witch and a warrior.

Fresh from a leading role in the Miss Saigon show that has just finished touring Australia, Rick Lau has previously created a series of sell-out one-man extravaganzas. Coming up is a three-part cabaret series at the Fringe Club. He’s in our studio tonight to introduce his one-man show, and to sing “Fly Me to The Moon”.

If you want to take a look at the show, click here to see a streaming video.


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