In the Show – 22nd July 2008

In our studio this week clay sculptor Zhang Rongda gives us a demonstration of his art as he creates a clay head of presenter Ben Tse throughout the show.

With the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games less than three weeks away, and as Hong Kong is playing host to the equestrian events, two of our local museums are currently presenting exhibitions related to the horse in Chinese art and culture. We look at the exhibitions and trace the development of the relationship between man and horse in China, over the ages.

In our film review, Gary Pollard talks us about the new Batman movie: “The Dark Knight” and tells us that even for fans of director Christopher Nolan’s previous Batman film, this one takes the genre to new heights.

Britain’s Royal Ballet Company has been described as one of the world’s three greatest ballet companies. Originally founded as the Vic-Wells Ballet, it became the Royal Ballet in 1956 after receiving a royal charter. Critics are saying the company, which was performing in Hong Kong over the weekend, is in its best shape for decades. We talk to members of the company about their show here and about the challenges of making ends meet with a declining government subsidy and an aging audience.

Want to take a look at the show? Click here to see a streaming video.


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