In the Show – 7th October 2008

At one time there was a clear distinction between popular art and high art. In the twentieth century, groups such as the Pop Artists broke down that distinction by transforming elements of popular culture into high art. Here in Asia too, a similar transformation is going on. Asian comic books and animation series, such as Japanese manga and anime, began life as mass entertainment. Today, elements from manga and anime are finding their way into art works in galleries, museums and auction houses.

After the heights of “Annie Hall”, “Manhattan”, and “Stardust Memories”, director Woody Allen has gone a little off the boil lately. His recent movies, set in London, have seemed a pale reflection of his work in New York. For “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” he has changed the scene to Spain. Our reviewer Gary Pollard tells us it’s worked like a charm, resulting in one of his best movies in a long time.

American writer Meg Cabot, creator of “The Princess Diaries”, has been voted by her readers the “Queen of Teen”. She’s also an unofficial counsellor who answers their questions on romance, beauty, pets, or how to become writers. Last Saturday, as part of her Asian tour, she was in Hong Kong. The Works spoke to her.

Performing in our studio tonight is the Swiss quintet whose name means “voice of joy”. They are Kolsimcha, and they bring a new twist to Jewish klezmer music, adding touches of jazz, world, and even classical music.

If you want to take a look at the show, you can see a streaming video here


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