In the Show – 14th October 2008

The Paul Taylor Dance Company, was performing in Hong Kong last week. In this week’s show we speak to members about their work, and about their founder, a former swimmer who began his career by sending audiences scrambling for the exits.

One of Taylor’s early works, created in 1957, “Seven New Dances” had audiences walking out of the theatre and provoked a notorious blank review that has become famous in dance history. Today he’s considered one of modern dance’s greatest choreographers.

Director Ridley Scott’s latest film “Body of Lies” is based on a 2007 novel by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. Set in the middle east, it’s about a CIA operative, Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the trail of a terrorist mastermind. He, in turn, is being watched and manipulated by his supervisor Ed Hoffmann, played by Russell Crowe. Like many recent Hollywood movies set in the region, the film is critical of American meddling and muddling, and even more so of the moral vacuum in which its characters operate. But is it an exciting enough spy story? Gary Pollard’s with us to give us his view.

From film we’re moving to video and – specifically – video about dance. The biennial Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival 2008 is under way and running up until Friday, when it ends with a marathon screening at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. One of the things it aims to encourage is the idea that a dance video can be a lot more than just a recording of a performance.

With us in the studio tonight are the members of Kenny’s New Flying Machine. The quartet features a well known figure on the local jazz scene, Japanese trumpet player Kenny Matsuura. He’s accompanied by pianist Kayoko Haruta, Shige Takahashi on bass, and Joel Haggard on drums. The last time Kenny was with us, he brought an entire big band, the Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra. His new group focuses on modern jazz in the style of Roy Hargrove and Wynton Marsalis. Tonight they play for us a piece called “I’ll Close My Eyes”.

If you want to take a look at the show, please click HERE to see a streaming video.


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