In the Show – 2nd December 2008

westwood-2-smallNow on show at the new art space ArtisTree in Swire Island East “Vivienne Westwood, A Life in Fashion” is a retrospective look at the many facets of the designer. Divided into 26 sections with more than 150 exhibits taken from Westwood’s personal archive and the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the exhibits illustrate her design chronologically, from the early years when she helped to define the punk rock look to her recent collections. She was in Hong Kong last week to open the exhibition.

Chuck Palahniuk wrote the novel “Fight Club” which, as directed by David Fincher, became a critically acclaimed movie. His later novel “Choke”, like “Fight Club” is quite determined to shock and sharply satirical. It’s about a male sex-addict who attends a self help group to overcome his addiction. He also works in a historical theme park as an 18th century Irish indentured labourer. He has an ailing mother to take care of and he pays for her medical fees by choking. Our regular film reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more.

Artist John Young left Hong Kong at the age of eleven in 1967. Worried by the Cultural Revolution inspired riots and political instability in the then British colony, his parents had decided to emigrate to Australia. There he discovered art. His experience as a displaced person, a Chinese in another land, still informs his own art work.

watanabe-2Saxophonist Sadao Watanabe is a revered cultural figure in Japan, known not only for his playing but also for introducing jazz to audiences there through his own radio shows. He’s Japan’s most famous jazz musician, both at home and internationally. Last week he was in Hong Kong, to perform at City Hall. In our final story for this week, he talks to us and plays us out.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here.


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