In the Show – 16th December 2008

While designers as varied as Vivienne Westwood and Georgio Armani have said in no uncertain terms that they don’ t think of fashion as art, the two disciplines do often draw on and reflect on one another. One gallery in Kwun Tong, “8640 Gallery”, hopes to use art to provide a new slant on aspects of fashion, and vice versa.

Founder Andrew Tam sees it as a “fazhion and idea gallery”, dedicated to “the promotion and collaboration of contemporary fashion and creative ideas from art / different design disciplines”. The current “See-Saw” exhibition, in which he also participated, highlights the dialogue between people, environment and fashion.

The number one film at the United States box office last weekend was “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, a remake of a 1951 movie directed by Robert Wise that starred Michael Rennie. The original, which was seen as both a parable of the Christ story and a warning about the dangers of nuclear war, was widely considered a classic. Our reviewer Gary Pollard has serious doubts that the new Keanu Reeves version will ever attain such status.

As we’ve highlighted in The Works before, many of Hong Kong’s factories have moved to the mainland, leaving behind large industrial spaces that make ideal art spaces, either for use as studios or as galleries. Many artists have already moved into industrial buildings in Fo Tan and in Chai Wan. Now Ap Lei Chau, on the south side of Hong Kong island near Aberdeen, has also begun to attract several creative people. And there’s even a nearby winery to provide a little refreshment.

Blaine Whittaker is a Sydney-based Jazz saxophonist who spends a lot of time in Asia. On 18th December he’s launching his new CD “Sound Barrier” in Hong Kong. Tonight he’s in our studio with pianist Allen Youngblood to tell us about the album and to give us a preview of one track.

If you want to see a streaming video of the show please click here


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