In the Show – 7th April 2009

We’re beginning our new series of The Works by looking over our shoulders. While we’ve been taking a breather, audiences at the Hong Kong Arts Festival have been having their breath taken away by some of the world’s most respected performing artists.

They include an Oscar-winning French actress dancing with an English choreographer, an Estonian choir under the baton of an English conductor, and world jazz from African musician Omar Sosa.

In our Arts Diary we look at the life of Lin Fengmian whose painting “Fishing Harvest” was sold at auction in Hong Kong for HK$16.3 million yesterday.

It’s a record price for a work by the artist, who died in Hong Kong in 1991. Born in Guangdong in 1900, as a young man Lin studied in France – where he met his French wife Alice Vattant – and Germany. In 1925 he returned to China. Turbulent political times brought Lin great personal tragedy. Many of his early works were destroyed during the Sino-Japanese war. Many of his later pieces were destroyed when he was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. Some he even soaked and flushed away himself. He was allowed to move to Hong Kong only in 1977. His art works from that period are comparatively few. Four other piece were also sold at yesterday’s Sotheby’s auction.

One of the most common things you’ll hear people say about “The Wrestler” is that it’s rather like “Rocky”. It’s the story of a has-been sports figure hoping to regain a little of his former glory. Given the number of awards and award nominations Mickey Rourke has won for his performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson, after a long spell in the wilderness of minor movie parts, the “Rocky” comparison may hold more true for the actor than for the character he plays. Gary Pollard’s with us to tell us more.

For our first studio performance of the new series, Hanjin is with us tonight.


He’s known in the local Cantopop industry as a songwriter, record producer, arranger and mixer, as well as a singer. And tonight he’s bringing us a little “Raw Jazz”, in the form of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “The Wave”.

He’s accompanied by Jason Cheng on piano, and Paul Candelaria and Skip Moy on guitar.


To see a streaming video of the entire show, please click here.


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