In the Show – 28th April 2009

Hong Kong photographer Tchan Fou-li established a name for himself at a time when most of the then colony’s leading practitioners of the art were British expatriates. A current exhibition honours Tchan’s achievements, along with those of Kan Hing-fook, and K K Wong. All three belonged to the once immensely popular Pictorial Photography movement, often referred to as salon photography, because enthusiasts liked to submit their prints to salons all over the world for critique and display.

The Baader Meinhof Group, otherwise known as the Red Army Faction, was once the most feared terrorist group in Europe, as much the cause of public dread and heightened security as Al Qaeda is today. Uli Edel’s film “The Baader Meinhof Complex”, based on a book by Stefan Aust, tries to explain the forces that gave rise to the group, and covers more than a decade of its activities. Gary Pollard’s been to see it.

Shadow puppetry has been around for a long time, and is part of many cultures, including China, where it was particularly popular during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Today, one practitioner of the art, Li Jianxin, has settled in Hong Kong to introduce shadow puppetry to a wider community.

img_0789Joining us in the studio tonight is cellist Artem Konstantinov and Sarah Tsang of the Hong Kong Cellist Society. The society has organised a cello festival that includes master classes, a master recital by Artem, and a participants’concert. In our studio Artem plays a sarabande from Bach’s third cello suite.


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