In the Show – May 26th 2009

Last Thursday, Hong Kong’s Museum of Art housed one of the biggest parties in town. Celebrities and socialites, artists and architects, top executives from the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey group, and more than a hundred reporters and photographers descended on the venue for the grand opening of the exhibition, “Louis Vuitton: Passion for Creation”. Running until early August as part of Le French May, the exhibition has been tailor-made for Hong Kong and is the first to show the group’s collection outside Paris. It also involves top international artists and local artists, but some complain that taxpayers’ money has been spent to for an event that’s mostly about promoting a commercial brand.

In the movie “Outlander” an alien monster comes to Earth in the 8th Century and in the land of the Vikings. It could have been an interesting concept, but – says our reviewer Gary Pollard – it’s spoiled by an over-reliance on Hollywood formula.

In our studio, we head “Over the Rainbow” in the company of Dorothy, otherwise known as the seventeen year old Natalie Lipin, who is performing the role in a current production with the Hong Kong Singers.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here


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