In the Show – 2nd June 2009

Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Not only did art have a role to play in unifying the protesters, that event, and the protests that led up to it, have had a significant effect on the work of many Chinese artists. Twenty years later, many are still trying to analyse, assess, and come to terms with it, through their art.

In 1984, in the first “Terminator” movie an android came from a machine-dominated future to murder the woman destined to give birth to John Connor a leader of the human resistance. He, or it, failed. In 1991, two androids came back in “Terminator 2”, one trying to protect the mother and son, the other trying to kill them. In “Terminator 3” a more feminine android was trying to kill a now twenty-year-old John Connor. After all those murder attempts John Connor did make it to adulthood. And in “Terminator Salvation”, set mostly in the future, he has a world of murderous machines to battle. In our studio to tell us more is reviewer Gary Pollard.

And we have a terrific musical performance from Korean singer Youn Soun Nah and Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius. And it’s a Tom Waits song, “Jockey Full of Bourbon”, no less. Youn was last in Hong Kong with the Youn Sun Nah Quintet about six years ago, and already impressed with her own original compositions and performances.

Here’s an excerpt from their performance.

To see a streaming video of the whole show, please click here.


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