In the Show – 23rd June 2009

Like other businesses in a sluggish economy, commercial galleries are adapting to tougher times, often by reducing the number of exhibitions or extending exhibition periods. As people are spending more carefully, especially on non-necessities, it’s a good time for more affordable art, like what’s come to be known as “urban art” or street art. May Wong, a designer who has been based in the United States for ten years, recently returned to Hong Kong to start Apostrophe Gallery to promote street art.

In contrast to the fledgling Apostrophe Gallery, the Schoeni Gallery has been selling art since 1992. Now in her late twenties, Nicole Schoeni took the reins five years ago. The gallery has long focused on pioneering contemporary Chinese art in Hong Kong, but Nicole has taken it into some new areas. Launched last year, “Adapta” is a project dedicated to urban art. The first exhibition in this project was a solo exhibition by the British stencil graffiti artist, Banksy.

For dedicated followers of fashion, the name of Coco Chanel is almost legendary. Beginning her design career in an age of corsets, bustieres, frills and laces, she introduced simplicity and easy clothing that allowed women to move and breath more freely. Coco Chanel’s fashion philosophy does make an appearance in the movie “Coco Before Chanel”. But the film, as its title suggests, mostly concentrates on her formative years. But are her those years likely to mean much to the non fashionista? With us in the studio to discuss this is our very own non fashionista and movie reviewer Gary Pollard.

Also in our studio are the internationally renowned Hong Kong cellist Trey Lee and fellow musicians. They are here to perform for us, and to talk about the inaugural Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival that’s being held from Thursday to Sunday this week.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here.


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