In the Show: 30th June 2009

On this week’s show

From the middle of May until the middle of June, Singapore was holding its annual Arts festival. Featuring more than 600 performances and activities, the festival might have been taking place during an economic downturn but was a success all the same, having sold 92% of tickets. Over the three decades since it began, Singapore’s arts scene has come of age. A decade ago, the city had 6,000 cultural events a year. Now there are 27,000. Over that same decade, the participation rate has also increased, from one in ten Singaporeans attending at least one arts activity a year then, to one in three now. The number of arts groups has doubled, from 400 to 800. But performing artists still face the spectre of censorship.

The Transformer toys were released into the hands of eager children in 1984. The manufacturer, Hasbro, hired two writers to come up with a backstory for its creations. The Transformers come from the planet Cybertron. They are split into good guys and bad guys: the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron. They became the subject of comics, animated TV series, and an animated movie. Two years ago, there was a first live-action movie, directed by Michael Bay. Now he’s back with “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. Gary Pollard reviews it.

Henry and Roger Chung are two brothers who are just about to release their first CD. Henry is known in Hong Kong as an accomplished blues harmonica player. Their first album is music with a Christian flavour, but it features many of Hong Kong’s best musicians, and a variety of musical styles.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here


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