In the Show – 7th July 2009

Fancy a good whinge? Want to moan about how bad the world is treating you? Perhaps you could sing about it instead, as one group of local citizens are doing. They have joined Hong Kong’s “Complaints Choir”. The idea was originated by two artists in Finland, but it was in May 2005, in Birmingham, England, that the world’s first Complaints Choir was formed. As singing ability is not a necessity, and as members can join freely to voice their dissatisfactions, the concept of a Complaints Choir has spread across the globe. People in Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada, Hungary, Israel, and Singapore have all formed their own Complaints Choirs, singing out their daily annoyances, and their social and political demands, in chorus.

The first “Ice Age” movie introduced us, in computer-animated form to Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the sabre-toothed tiger, and – of course – Scrat the squirrel and the acorn that is his heart’s desire. Well, there was a second “Ice Age” movie, and now there ’ s a third: “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”, and it’s in 3D. Gary Pollard is in our studio to tell us more.

When most people think of street dance in recent years, the most likely one to come to mind is break dance. But there are other pop-oriented street dance forms, and two of them, popping and locking, are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. They both emerged from the funk movement during the 1970s in California. The emphasis is on technique, and dancers sometimes gather together in “battles” to see who has the best moves.

In our studio, Rick Lau talks to us about his cabaret show “My Queer Valentine”, a show dedicated to songs by gay songwriters.


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