In the Show: 14th July 2009

It wasn’t so long ago that Hong Kong was regularly described as a cultural desert.

As The Works shows, week after week, there’s plenty going on here, if you only know where to look. To help keep the public up to date with the latest issues and events on the local arts scene, one group of artists has also taken to the internet with their own television channel: the HKADC.

In our studio performance we’ll be going “From Genesis to Broadway” in music, in the company of pianist/composer Warren Wills, and singers Joyce Wong and Heidi Mak.


It’s Warren’s latest show, it features Jewish and other Middle-Eastern musical traditions,  and it takes us from the Biblical Adam’s first words up to Harold Arlen and the Jewish songwriters of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway.

We devote all of part two of tonight’s show to a tribute to dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, who died on the 30th June. For many fans of modern dance and theatre for whom her work revealed new worlds , it’s an irreplaceable loss.

Bausch studied and worked with José Limon, Antony Tudor, and Paul Taylor among others, in the United States, before returning to Germany in 1962. In 1973, she took over a dance company in the German industrial town of Wuppertal. It became “Tanztheater Wuppertal”.

Ironically, although many in the town did not welcome her new approach at first, her dances placed it firmly on the international cultural map. Her work has been a strong influence on artists worldwide, including many in Hong Kong.

We speak to some of them, including dancer Mui Cheuk-yin, who worked with her, and remember the woman whose work could leave audiences profoundly moved.


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