In the Show – 17th November 2009

As we mentioned just three weeks ago, on 18th October Hong Kong lost one of its veteran artists, painter, printmaker, and sculptor Ha Bik-chuen. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is planning a major exhibition of his works for next October. Already though the museum is featuring a smaller retrospective until the 24th January next year. And, at the Artist Commune, more than 20 artists are creating new pieces in remembrance of, and salute to Ha Bik-Chuen. That exhibition runs until 2nd December. Some of them share with us their memories of Ha Bik-chuen.

“North Face” is a German movie about mountain climbing. It’s based on the true story of Toni Kurz and Andreas Hinterstoisser who, in July of 1936, as Nazi Germany was preparing to host the Olympic games, set out to climb the 13,000 ft. north face of the Eiger. In our studio, our very own intrepid cinematic adventurer Gary Pollard tells us that it may be the most impressive mountaineering film ever made.

At the Hong Kong Arts Centre until Sunday, Seoul Auction is presenting the first solo Hong Kong exhibition of renowned Korean sculptor Yi Hwan Kwon. Some of the works on show come from the artist’s private collection, giving viewers a rare opportunity to enter Yi’s distinctive world. It’s a world in which figures may be stretched, squashed, or flattened, almost like optical illusions.

And we end tonight’s show with a brief taster of what audicneces canexpect from the newly formed RTHK quartet, which has its debut performance this Friday.


2 thoughts on “In the Show – 17th November 2009

  1. Mary Beam says:

    I am interested in viewing the programme from 17 Nov 2009, wherein there is a feature on the late artist, Ha Bik Chuen. There is no link to stream this programme. Please tell me whether it is available on your site or elsewhere.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.

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