In the Show – 24th November 2009

Hong Kong’s not an easy place for an artist to make a living. UK-born Simon Birch says he came here by accident and managed to make enough money to put on his first exhibition through working in construction. Today he can devote himself full time to his art, but he still has to reach deep into his own pockets to finance some projects.

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” has been a staple part of the festive season for many ever since it was first published on 19th December 1843. There have been countless adaptations for stage, television and radio. There are almost thirty film versions. The latest, “Disney’s Christmas Carol” is at cinemas this week. Reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more.

From being a film student in love with the films of the French New Wave, Hong Kong born Chinese Mary Stephen went on to become a long time collaborator with one of the movement’s signature directors, Eric Rohmer. She talks to us about working with the legendary director.

And, in our studio, singer Tian Haojiang. Since his Metropolitan Opera debut in the 1991/92 season, Tian, a native of Beijing, has earned worldwide recognition as one of today’s most talented basso cantantes, singing over 1300 performances of 40 operatic roles worldwide. He is currently in Hong Kong to perform as “Poet Li Bai”.He tells us about that, about his stage show “From Mao to the Met” and sings “Some Enchanted Evening” from “South Pacific”. 

Click here for streaming video.


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