In the Show – 12th January 2009

Eileen Chang in Hong Kong

Chinese author Cheung Oi-lin, or Eileen Chang, wrote the story on which the movie “Lust, Caution” was based. Now the Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a retrospective of her work. This week, we look at Eileen Chang’s Hong Kong connection, and talk to the man who has become her literary executor.

Film Review – Farewell to Eric Rohmer

For the majority of Hollywood directors, film is about big production values, spectacle, and an emphasis on plot over character. Lots of explosions too. But for the French movie director Eric Rohmer, who died yesterday, film was mostly about the human, and more specifically about how desire and the search for love could sometimes contradict or confound intellectual rationalisation.

The Guqin – An Instrument for Self-Improvement

Last weekend, audiences had the chance to hear, in an appropriately atmospheric setting, the Nan Liang Gardens, the sounds of an instrument that’s changed little throughout the thousands of years of its existence: the guqin. We talk to guqin players and sintrument makers.

Harpist Dan Yu

On the Saturday 23rd January and Sunday 24th, young Chinese harpist Dan Yu and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra reveal two contrasting characteristics of a rarely featured solo instrument. The harp. On Saturday night they highlight the rhythmic athleticism of Buenos Aires-born composer Alberto Ginastera. On Sunday afternoon it’s the classicism of the 18th Century, as they pair harp and flute as soloists for Mozart, and play 20th century composers Copland and Bernstein. Dan Yu gives us a preview.

Click here for streaming video


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