In the Show – 26th January 2010

Alternative “Art on Loan”

Launched in 2003 by the Arts Development Council and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, “Artwork On Loan” enables people to have art in their homes even if they could not otherwise afford it. However, all the pieces on loan are reproductions of framed images of the artwork, even if sculptures. Jasper Lau, the curator of the “Wooferten” art space in Shanghai Street is organising an alternative version of “Artwork on Loan”.

MaD Conference in Hong Kong

This week, Hong Kong’s Kwai Tsing theatre was home to a 3-day conference that featured 25 speakers from 10 countries, as well as workshops and competitions. The aim of the MaD or “Make a Difference” conference was to encourage students to be more creative, in every area of life and career.

Movie Review “The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus”

In our movie review, Gary Pollard talks to us about Heath Ledger’s final film, Terry Gilliam’s “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Filled with Gilliam’s trademark surreal visuals, it’s the story of a traveling vaudeville show, a magic mirror, and a pact with the devil.

Angela Fensch Photo Exhibition

This year is the 20th anniversary of Germany’s reunification. The Goethe-Institut Hongkong is highlighting it by focusing on the topic of ‘change of time’. Until the 20th February, in the Goethe Gallery, the institute is presenting a photo exhibition by Angela Fensch called “‘Women Portraits Children 1989 and 2005”. It features images of women and their children in East Germany taken 16 years apart.

Studio Performance -” Stars and the Moon”

And finally, we present another song from the musical “Songs for a New World” which will be performed in the upcoming City Festival, as Emma Thomas sings “Stars and the Moon”.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here


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