In the Show – 2nd February 2010

Art and Shopping

Despite the popularity of the idea of the starving artist, most artists would prefer not to starve thank you very much. Like the rest of us, they need to earn a little money from time to time. Few people in Hong Kong have more of that money than the property developers who own our shopping malls. And some of them even spend some of it to support the arts. But the relationship isn’t always an entirely comfortable one.

Movie Review – “Broken Embraces”

In his new film, “Broken Embraces”, Pedro Almodovar tells the story of Harry Cain (played by Lluis Homar), a blind screenwriter who was once a sighted film director by the name of Mateo Blanco. At one point, after one of his collaborators suffers an accidental drug overdose, Harry tells the story of how, as Mateo, he had fallen in love with Lena, played by Penelope Cruz, and how that passion altered his life irrevocably. Gary Pollard is in the studio to tell us more.

Hong Kong Salsa Festival


And to end the show, salsa, as dancers Yanqing Choo and Richard Tholoor, singer Chris Polanco, and festival organiser Joseph Ennin, give us a taste of this week of dance and song at the 2010 Hong Kong Salsa Festival.


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