In the Show – 9th February 2009

Escape to Waichou

On Christmas Day 1941, as Hong Kong surrendered to the Japanese, a group of men led by a one-legged Chinese admiral, Chan Chak, made a daring escape into mainland China. A new exhibition at the Museum of Coastal Defence tells their story.

Movie Review: “An Education”

“An Education” is based on a memoir by journalist Lynn Barber. It tells the story of how, at the age of sixteen, and in the Britain of the early 1960s, she became romantically involved with a much older man. In the film she’s called Jenny and played by Carey Mulligan. The older man who woos her is David (Peter Sarsgaard). Gary Pollard is in the studio to tell us more.

“Dialogue in the Dark”

An ongoing exhibition called “Dialogue in the Dark” is currently giving visitors the chance to experience what life would be like without what could be our most valued sense, the sense of sight It is also providing employment for the visually impaired.

“The Merchants of Bollywood”

In our studio, two stars of the currently running “The Merchants of Bollywood” sing and and dance with a sample of the dazzling stage show.


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