In the Show – 23rd February 2010

The government says it wants to support creative industries. It also likes to support landlords and property developers. History has shown us that when the two clash, it’s not likely that creativity will be the winner. Ten years ago artists began setting up studios by renting unused industrial premises. Today, as the government wants to put those building to more commercial use, they are being kicked out.

Hong Kong is a throwaway society. We don’t recycle much, or even buy secondhand. “Missing Parts”, an exhibition at the Arts Centre until the end of this much points out that many old objects can still have value, even if they are missing a few parts. We also talk to an “Antique Doctor” who mends old and broken objects.

“The Wolfman” first came to cinema screens in 1941, directed by George Waggner and played by Lon Chaney Junior who, as Larry Talbot, found himself with good reason to fear the full moon. Now, many moons later, and after many spin offs, “The Wolfman” is back. This time Joe Johnston directs, and Benicio del Toro plays the lycanthropically-afflicted Larry. As Gary Pollard tells us, the movie’s troubled production history shows in the final cut.

If your taste, even at the movies, runs more to high art than high concept you could be interested in the latest operatic development to hit our screens.It’s the Met in HD.  And it gives you the chance to capture the energy of a live performance at Pok Fu Lam rather than New York, and at a fraction of the New York ticket price, which could be up to US$375.


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