In the Show – March 2nd 2010

Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas founded “Playback Theatre” in New York State in 1975. It’s a form of drama, a technique for social work and social empowerment, and has even been used in workplace training to develop management and communication skills and diversity awareness. And it’s becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong.

The Ming Dynasty writer Tang Xianzu was a contemporary of William Shakespeare. His “The Purple Hairpin”, one of four plays known as “The Four Dreams”, was adapted into a Cantonese opera by Tong Tik-sang in the 1950s. It’s a traditional love story, about Fok Siu-yuk and Lee Yik, and the part the hairpin of the title plays in their romance. Now, with “The Liaisons”, stage director Fredric Mao has reimagined it as a contemporary office romance that’s intercut with the traditional characters.

Also part of the festival is Hong Kong-born and London-based pianist Wong Chi-yan. On Friday, he’ll be playing a recital of music that includes Liszt and Haydn. Tonight, he’s in our studio to give us a preview.

Please click here for streaming video preview.


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