In the Show – 23rd March 2010

On Friday and Saturday the Hong Kong Arts Festival presented the work of a Chinese musician who has made a name for herself with international lovers of new music. She mixes traditional themes with electronica and samples. Her name is Sa Ding Ding. Blending Chinese folk influences and electronica, Sa Dingding sings in Putonghua, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Langu and a self created language.

“The Last Station” is a film about the final year in the life of the writer Tolstoy. We know him best as the writer of “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina”. Towards the end of his life, as his writing turned increasingly to religious and philosophical matters, he was better known in Russia as a spiritual figure. In 1910, Tolstoy was surrounded by hangers-on and by the paparazzi of his time. He even had his own sect of followers called the Tolstoyans. People hung on his every word, and wrote many of them down. “The Last Station”, based on many of those journals and memories, is about the struggle over who would define his legacy. Gary Pollard tells us more.

Mainland Chinese writer Su Tong – many will know him best through the movie adaptation “Raise the Red Lantern” – talks to us about his new book “The Boat to Redemption”.

And in our studio, we have a performance from two members of the three man band “Poubelle International”, all about the end of an affair in London.

Please click here for streaming video


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