In the Show – 30th March 2010

Wang Jingwei was a politician who was initially known as a hero, but whose name became synonymous with being a traitor. But as well as being a politician, he was an accomplished calligrapher and poet, and even many of those who question his political morality see value in his art. This weekend, at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre, you can see examples, as auction house Sotheby’s presents ‘Calligraphy Works from Prominent Figures of Wang Jingwei’s “Puppet Government”.

Thanks to the cost of land, the profit-motive of developers, and far too many people, many of us in Hong Kong find ourselves living and working in what are, basically, boxes. American photographer Lois Conner has been photographing China for 25 years. In a new exhibition at the Hanart Gallery, with images from the United States, Hong Kong, and Beijing, she focuses on the office spaces in which many of us spend much of our waking lives.

Roald Dahl’s children’s novel “Fantastic Mr Fox” was published in 1970. It’s the story of a fox, now married, whose inability to give up his former wild ways – biting the heads off chickens – leads to three villainous farmers Boggis, Bunce, and Bean trying to starve his family, and other animals, out of their homes. . Now there’s a stop-motion animated film of the book by Wes Anderson, the director of “Bottle Rocket”, “Rushmore” and “The Darjeeling Limited” among others. The story was aimed at children under ten. Wes Anderson is known for his quirky, sometimes precious, humour and his offbeat take on adult relationships and family dynamics. So do the two work together? Reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more.

With a population of more than 250,000, Bergen is Norway’s second largest city. It is also the birthplace of Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek, who together are Kings of Convenience. The duo, who met in school, released their debut album, “Quiet is the New Loud” in 2001. Last week, they talked to The Works before their Hong Kong show.

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