In the Show – 25th May

Last Friday, the Hong Kong Fringe Club invited about 50 Hong Kong artists, museum curators, art administrators, art students, and members of the press on a two-day trip to Guangzhou. It included visits to more than ten art spaces and venues around the city centre, and an artists’ village on the outskirts of the city. With the Asian Games just around the corner in November, Guangzhou is quickly developing grand cultural facilities such as the newly opened Guangdong Provincial Museum, as well as new office space and hotels, in its new central business district, the Pearl River New City. But there are concerns that while the city is developing the hardware, the public and the artists may not be there to fill it.

“I Love you Phillip Morris” is a mainstream Hollywood cautionary tale and romance that stars Jim Carrey and Ewan Macgregor as two men in love. With each other. Steven Russell begins as a perfect father, a churchgoing Christian, and a policeman, but decides to reveal his true gay nature. He discovers that it’s expensive to live in the way he’d like, so becomes a conman. Of course, he ends up in prison, where he meets the love of his life Phillip Morris. Gary Pollard tells us more.

The Music Is Free Foundation was set up by jingle writer Adrian Tsing and freelance music artist Gloria Tang with a philosophy that music should not be unaffordable for anyone who loves it.Their students can pay as little as one dollar a month for four instrumental or theory classes.Courses offered by the foundation include playing the saxophone, guitar, keyboard, or violin, and composing and music theory. Adrian, Gloria, and other musical friends who volunteer to help, are the teachers.

In our studio, pianist Ben van Tienen and singer Damien Bermingham appear to perform “Mr Cellophane” from “Chicago the Musical”, which is currently showing in Hong Kong


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