In the Show – 1st June 2010

With the economy in Europe and in the United States still sluggish, the art market’s attention is increasingly turning to Asia. The Hong Kong International Art Fair, now in its third year, has become one of the most important in the region. Gallery owners, art collectors, buyers and the media are already calling Art HK the next Basel. This year, the number of participating galleries increased from 120 to 155. More than 1,000 artists’ works from 29 countries are on show. The four-day fair, which ended on Sunday, drew 46,000 visitors, 65% more than last year.

Movie music composer Simon Boswell had the idea for the Blink project in 2002, while watching a newscast in a hotel room.He takes news footage of people blinking and adds a soundtrack. As a composer of music for films, he wanted to create a synergy between news footage and music.Blink debuted in London’s Institute of Contemporary Art in 2002.The celebrities featured in that first project include Bill Clinton, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Victoria Beckham and Osama Bin laden.This year, Hong Kong’s Home Affairs Bureau, invited him to present the latest version of the project as the opening event of this year’s Hong Kong International Art Fair.

And, in our studio, a man who has been playing guitar since he was three, and doing so on national TV in Britain when he was eight. He was also guitarist of the supergroup Asia. Now he spends a lot of his time teaching, and conducting guitar clinics. He’s also been voted Guitarist of the Year by the UK’s Guitarist magazine. He’s Guthrie Govan


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