In the Show – 8th June 2010

The first “Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition” was held in 1975. Its aim is to provide an open platform to show outstanding works by Hong Kong artists.Now, the “Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition” has been renamed ”The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards”. We talk to the curator and three of the artists taking part in this year’s show, which is currently showing at the Museum of Art.

“The Green Zone” is directed by Paul Greengrass and stars Matt Damon. The two of them last worked together on the Jason Bourne movies, so naturally the film is being referred to in some quarters as Bourne in Baghdad. This time though, Matt Damon is in military uniform as Roy Miller, the leader a Mobile Exploitation Team charged with finding those elusive weapons of mass destruction. Eventually though he comes to realise what many suspected all along – that there are none. So why is the intelligence so faulty? Gary Pollard reviews the movie.

Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming attained fame in Taiwan in the 1970s, and in New York in 1983. As a teenager he was trained as a woodcarver, apprenticed to Lee Chin-chuan. He now works with a range of media, including bronze, styrofoam, ceramics, and stainless steel. His work is currently the focus of three exhibitions in Hong Kong.

“Paganini’s Gut” is the title of an upcoming concert by violinist Andrea Zanchetta and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. It features music played on original lambs’ gut strings similar to those Paganini himself would have used. Andreas is in the studio to play an excerpt, and tell us more about it.


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