In the Show – 15th June 2010

From “Paris of the East” to now the host city of this year’s World Expo, Shanghai is one of the most Westernised cities in China. As a port city like Hong Kong, Shanghai is opened for foreign trades, mirgration of population and in-coming cultures. But at the same time the city has its unique cultural identity, There is a common saying among locals that people speak English in the inner city center, Putonghua in Central Shanghai and Shanghainese on the outer rim of the city. As in many big cities in China, urbanisation has brought about the demolition of old buildings and dismantling the communities, the cultures and custom that have been there for decades. One such practice which is disappearing, at least for now during the Shanghai Expo period is that of wearing pyjamas in public. Justin Guariglia set out to photograph them for his book “Planet Shanghai”.

“The A-Team” ran for five seasons on the NBC television network in the mid-eighties. It was a highly merchandised TV series about a group of ex-United States Army men who had become soldiers of fortune after being branded as war criminals for a “crime they didn’t commit”. It was, said most critics, short on plot and real character, but long on one-liners, and cartoon-like TV violence. But its mostly young male audiences watched it avidly anyway. Now it’s a movie. Gary Pollard tells us whether it’s just more of the same.

The Art Habitat programme promotes affordable art collection. Artists participating in the ongoing project are students and alumni from the Hong Kong Art School. Currently, borrowers can lease 25 art pieces by 14 artists. They include photographs, paintings and installations.

In the studio, singer Liz Merendino and pianist Warren Wills perform a song from the one-woman stage show “Seasons of Liz”


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