In the Show – 22nd June 2010

Hong Kong’s education system is moving to the 3-3-4 model, under which tertiary-level undergraduate programmes will expand to four years. Eight local universities have to change from the current three-year undergraduate curriculum to a four-year one by September 2012. Currently they are planning ahead, working out ways to re-structure, and coming up with new curricula and course designs. Art students and staff at Hong Kong Baptist University and the HK Chinese University are worried about what’s in store.

“The Runaways” is about the formation, success, and break up of one of the first, if not the first, all girl rock and roll bands. It’s produced by guitarist Joan Jett, and based on an autobiography by the band’s singer Cherie Currie. When they appeared, Glam Rock and androgyny were all the rage. This was the time of David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” album. Some of the girls wanted to be rockers, the others weren’t so sure. And, adding to the confusion, their manager and creator Kim Fowley had it in his own mind that what he was marketing most was underage sexuality. Gary Pollard reviews the movie.

Painters and other visual artists tend to stylise and filter. But since the invention of film and photography, we’ve been able to get a relatively unfiltered view of reality, even the reality of times long before we were born and places we’ve never seen. A new exhibition at the Heritage Museum concentrates on this documentary aspect of photography, on how it captures the moment, and – sometimes – the social conditions of which it’s a part.

In our studio, Nepalese saxophonist Kevin Thapa and English clarinettist Rebecca Nicholls play “Wind Beneath My Wings”.


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