In the Show – June 29th 2010

The qipao was originally a costume of the Manchus in northern China.By the Qing dynasty it had been adopted by many Han Chinese. While Manchu women had worn it as a one-piece long gown, as adopted by the Han Chinese, it evolved into a two-piece item consisting of a bell-shaped top and a skirt. More recently it’s become a slim and elongated one-piece dress. An exhibition “The Evergreen Classic-Transformation of the Qipao”” is showing at the Museum of History in Tsimshatsui until September 13th.

At cinemas this week, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz join up for the first of the summer blockbusters “Knight and Day”. It begins with car enthusiast June Havens twice bumping into FBI agent Roy Miller in an airport while on her way to her sister’s wedding. Their meetings are not an accident though, and she gradually realizes that Roy Miller has got her involved in a conspiracy that will pretty soon have them running half way around the world. Gary Pollard reviews the movie.

Chinese ink painting can be a conservative art form. There’s a long tradition of stylisation which has been handed down, and some painters judge their success primarily by how well they can match that tradition. In recent years though, contemporary artists have brought new approaches and ideas into the medium as a recent exhibition revealed. We talk to three of the Hong Kong artists taking part.

In our studio, local Indie folk singer-songwriter Corey Tam talks to us about his new EP and sings a self-penned song “Champagne Eyes”


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