In the Show – July 6th 2010

At the end of April we featured a major exhibition of the works of veteran painter Wu Guanzhong at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Wu died in June, just hours after donating more of his works to the museum. In tonight’s show, we look back on his art and life.

Not so long ago, Hong Kong had an unenviable reputation for copying things. And unfortunately in the eyes of many that reputation still applies to China’s manufacturing industry. Copying is often seen as the opposite of creativity. But a new exhibition “Culture(s) of Copy” aims to show that the art of the copy can be creative.

The first “Shrek” movie came out in 2001. Most critics were impressed by its then state-of-the art computer animation and its subversive takes on the tales we remember from our childhoods. Well, as it did so well at the box office, the “happily ever after” could not really be “happily ever after”. Dreamworks Studio took two more bites at the cherry with “Shrek 2” and “Shrek the Third” which introduced more complications into the life of our favourite ogre. Now, life is going well, but Shrek, now married and with three ogre toddlers, is having a mid-life crisis. He wants his old life back, and he gets it in “Shrek Forever After”. With us in the studio to review it is Gary Pollard.

Tonight, we’re delighted to have in our studio American musician Mary Fahl. You may remember her song “Going Home” from the soundtrack of “Gods and Generals”. In today’s show she sings “Gravity” from her new album.


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