In the Show – July 20th 2010

Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type revolutionised publishing. Digital books or e-books may be the next revolution. The first batch of Amazon’s Kindle e-readers, launched in November 2007, sold out in five hours. By last year, the Kindle and Sony e-readers dominated the market, and America’s biggest book retailer, Barnes & Noble, introduced the Nook e-reader. In January this year, Apple announced its multi-functional iPad. Amazon offers more than 620,000 ebooks, magazines and newspapers. Apple is working with five of the six largest publishers. In 2008, consumers bought 700,000 e- readers. Last year they bought 3.5 million.

Movie sequels don’t always live up to their predecessors. Just look at “Shrek 4” and “Predators” for examples. Now “Toy Story 3” is here, just in time for summer, bringing us the latest adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang. Reviewer Gary Pollard feels it may be the best of the trilogy.

One of the most popular sets of emails and posts circulating on the internet is essentially about optical illusions, more specifically the work of street artists or madonnari who turn two dimensional road surfaces into three dimensional imagery Now there’s a chance to see a little of that art at the Home Square in Shatin through the work of Californian artist Tracy Lee Stum..

With us in the studio tonight we have three distinguished alumni of
the Asian Youth Orchestra, or AYO: Dora Lam, Chen Yi-chun and Anna Kwan. They are now members of the cello section of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. They are playing for us a cello arrangement from Bizet’s “Carmen”.


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