In the Show – 12th October 2010

Cattle Depot Conflicts

We begin our new series by looking at conflicts over the slaughterhouse that’s now an arts space. It’s the Cattle Depot in To Kwa Wan, built in 1908 and operating until 1999. It’s been graded as a historical building, and has, since 2001, been a home to several local artists. 15 of the 20 units there are leased, but relations with the landlord, i.e. the government, have been getting testy of late. Members of the public are now not allowed to enter Cattle Depot unless by invitation or in the company of tenants. Identities must also be registered after nine at night. Tenants of Cattle Depot and local artists have long complained about entry restrictions and other tight regulations imposed here, but tensions increased in the past month.

Movie Review – “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

In our movie review, Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series is a publishing phenomenon. So far, it’s a series of three books that has sold more than 20 million copies in 41 countries. There may be a fourth. Unfortunately Larsson did not see his own success. He died of a heart attack before even the first book was published. The trilogy was filmed in Sweden, and is soon also to be adapted by Hollywood. The first of the three Swedish films based on the books, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” opens in Hong Kong this Thursday. Gary Pollard’s been to see it.

Chinese Big Spenders at Fine Art Asia

What the Asian media like to call the financial tsunami left many in the West a little or a lot less well off. In China, however, many still have a fair amount of disposable cash. They are occasionally deciding to spend it on art, and as last week’s “Fine Art Asia”, which sold $320 million worth of art revealed, that is having a growing effect on the international art market. In art circles in China, the term “backflow” is used to describe the way the flourishing Chinese market is bringing back many items sold to the West decades ago.

In the Studio – “Tuesday Morning Surfing Club”

Finally, in our studio, a group of local musicians that liked to surf on Tuesday mornings decided to make some music about it. They call themselves “Tuesday Morning Surfing Club”. Tonight they’re here playing the theme from “Endless Summer”.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here.


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