End of Year Special – A Musical Retrospective

It’s our final edition of “The Works” for 2011, and tonight, to round off the year, we’re looking back at some of the great musicians that have been in our studio in 2010.

If you saw the movie “Gods and Generals” you’ll have heard a song by Mary Fahl called “Going Home”. In July, Mary was in Hong Kong. She came to our studios and performed a song called “Gravity” which is from her recent album.

We’ve had local musicians in our studio too, and many of them choose to play classical or fine music. The young piano player Wong Ka-Jeng or KJ has been the subject of a documentary film and has many enthusiastic fans. In July, he came to our studio with flautist Wilson Ng to play Piazzolla’s “Histoire du Tango”.

From the tango – we move to Indian dance, or one form which has become known to most of the world through Bollywood movies. In February the stage show “The Merchants of Bollywood” came to Hong Kong. It’s full of dance, song, and spectacular costumes. The two lead artists Dipender Singh and Carol Furtado came to our studio to perform “My Heart Goes …”

Many cultures have a kind of drum called a frame drum, where an animal skin is stretched over a frame. It’s one of the oldest musical instruments and it sounds simple, but in the hands of a skilled player like John Lee it is capable of an incredible range of sound.

As John Lee shows, Hong Kong musicians are interested in a wide range of music. And you might not know it but there’s a thriving Independent pop music scene here. We highlight just a few of the local Indie bands who have played for us in the past year: Corey Tam, Chochukmo, Merriweather Deer, Noughts and Exes, and Tuesday Morning Surfing Club

In October a group of young musicians from Xinjiang came to our studio. They call themselves “Jam” and they want to bring Uyghur music to a new generation.

Finally, in June we had in our studio a British guitarist who has been playing since he was three years old. He played on national TV in Britain when he was eight and was the guitarist of the 1980s supergroup Asia. He’s also been voted Guitarist of the Year by the UK’s Guitarist magazine. He’s Guthrie Govan. He’s going to play us out with a track from his album “Erotic Cakes”. It’s called “Waves”


The Works Xmas Musical Special

Tonight we have many musicians in our studio to help us celebrate Christmas in song and music.

1) Teresa Suen on harp plays “Silver Bells”
2) SaxMax saxophone quartet plays “Silent Night, Lonely Night”
3) Two of the VII Sopranos (from Australia) perform “The Flower Duet” from “Lakme”.
4) Jazz Singer Brigitte Mitchell and band: “My Favourite Things”
5) Soprano Yuki Ip sings “Sheep May Safely Graze”
6) SaxMax: “Celtic Suite”
7) Teresa Suen (harp). Carlos Salzedo’s Preludes Intime: “Tenderly Emoted”

In the Show – 14th December 2010

Tommy Li Retrospective

If you live in Hong Kong you have probably seen many logos designed by Tommy Li who is known as “The Brand Doctor” in the design industry. A renowned graphic designer, he has won over 550 awards. He has worked with international brands in China, Japan and the United States. Now showing at Artistree in Taikoo Place, “Visual Dialogue” is a retrospective of Li’s work over the past 20 years.

Movie Review – “The Town”

A caption at the beginning of Ben Affleck’s movie “The Town” tells us that one area of Boston, called Charlestown, is famous for producing more bank robbers and armoured-car robbers than any other part of North America. It also informs us that there are over 300 bank robberies in the city every year. The film opens with four of these robbers, including Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck himself), and his best friend James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) pulling of a tense bank job. It’s well planned. But the gang does not find it necessary to take one female bank manager hostage, and there the complications begin. Gary Pollard tells us more.

Exhibition – “Touching Art”

Suppose you went to a major art gallery. Maybe the Louvre. Maybe the Uffizi Gallery. Or maybe even Hong Kong’s Museum of Art. You walk around. Look at the paintings and sculptures. And then put your hand out to get a good feel of, say, the Mona Lisa. Or Rodin’s famous sculpture The Kiss. Well, you’d probably find yourself on the street, if not in handcuffs, pretty fast. But on show in Hong Kong right now is “Touching Art” an exhibition from the Louvre that actually invites you to touch works of art … or at least accurate replicas.

In the Studio Wong Ka-Lap on Cello and Lai Bo-ling on piano

On Sunday, young cello virtuoso, Wong Ka-lap will be giving his first cello recital will at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. He’ll be performing with pianist Lai Bo-ling. Well, both of them are in the studio this week to give us a preview of that performance.

In the Show – 7th December 2010

Business of Design Week

Tonight, something that’s all around you but that you may not even notice. Practically everything manmade involves design, and that’s the topic of much of this week’s show.

We’ll be looking at the Business of Design Week, which this year is focusing on Japanese designers.

Detour 2010

We also talk to people taking part in a satellite event called Detour, which showcases some of the brightest design talent based in Hong Kong.

Movie Review – “The Girl Who Played With Fire”

In our movie review, she may be a little anti-social but she has very good reason. Gary Pollard reviews the latest film on Stieg Larsson’s heroine Lisbeth Salander, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”.

Studio Performance – Jazz from Brigitte Mitchell

And we also have Hong Kong-based talent in music as South Africa-born jazz singer Brigitte Mitchell is in the studio to sing us a song from her new CD “Don’t Explain”.