In the Show – February 1st 2011

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme
The “Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme” began in 2000 to introduce art into our everyday lives, by taking it away from big museums and art galleries in the city centre and out to various districts of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands.. Five artists and one art group were picked from 92 applicants for the fifth artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme. Last Friday, a group exhibition featuring 44 sets of work by the selected artists was launched at the City Hall.

Movie Review – “Somewhere”

Sofia Coppola is a director that many people love or loathe, but even though her movies are hardly mainstream, they do attract considerable critical and commercial success. Her film “Lost in Translation” cost $4 million to make, and took in a hefty $120 million at worldwide. Her latest movie “Somewhere” premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival, where it was awarded the Golden Lion as best movie. In “Somewhere”, Steven Dorff plays movie star Johnnie de Marco, who is hanging out aimlessly, mostly at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, in the company of his eleven year old daughter Cleo, Elle Fanning. Gary Pollard’s with us to review it.

Sculptor Danny Lee

We begin part two with a chance to catch up on exhibition you may have missed. It’s called “Landscape Reinterpreted” and it’s by one of Hong Kong’s best-known sculptors Danny Lee Chin-fai. The exhibition ended last Sunday, but you can still see plenty of Danny’s work from the past few decades in a new book about his art, “Sculpture of Reflections: The Art of Danny Lee Chin-fai.”

Pianist Shen Wenyu

Shen Wenyu is a young pianist who some say is on the way to becoming one of the greatest. Eight years ago, he was the youngest ever winner of the Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition. At 24, he’s already performed with over 30 orchestras worldwide. He’s in our studio to play for us.


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