In the Show – March 8th 2011

Interview – Marianne Faithfull

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is still under way. Last week we talked to two of the classical musicians who were visiting town for the festival. This week we’re going to the other end of the musical spectrum and talking to two legendary pop performers. When the Rolling Stones started performing, they mostly sang classic Blues songs. In the early sixties, singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards began writing their own. One of the first was “As Tears Go By”. It was made a hit by Mick Jagger’s soon-to-be girlfriend: Marianne Faithfull. This week she was in town to perform at the arts festival, and gave The Works an exclusive TV interview.

Movie Review – “The King’s Speech”

“The King’s Speech” is a feel-good movie, a triumph over adversity movie, and a story about a friendship between a king and a commoner. Does it matter that so much of it is not true? Gary Pollard is in our studio to tell us more.

New York City Ballet in Hong Kong

George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins were two of the great American choreographers of the 20th century. Jerome Robbins created dances for Broadway and ballets. He’s probably best known to film-lovers for his choreography for the movie of “West Side Story”.

George Balanchine escaped to Paris from Russia in 1924. He became ballet master of the legendary Ballets Russes before settling in New York where he helped to set up the New York City Ballet. From 3rd to 7th March, the company was performing a tribute to both men in Hong Kong.

Interview – Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello has been called “One of the most innovative, influential, and best songwriters since Bob Dylan”. Like Marianne Faithfull, whom we saw in part one, he has worked with many of the most talented people in contemporary music. He released his first record in the seventies in the middle of the punk music explosion. It was observant, often sarcastic, and full of wordplay and puns.Since then he’s mellowed a little. And explored an even wider area of music.


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