In the Show – March 15th 2011

Pina Bausch “Carnations”
The great dance choreographer Pina Bausch died at the age of 68 in June 2009. She has left us a dazzling legacy of more than 40 works that blur the lines between reality and dream, and between dance and theatre. Last week, her company the Wuppertal Tanztheater was in Hong Kong to perform one of the most spectacular :”Carnations”. It’s about childhood, relations between the sexes, love, longing, desire, disappointment, and authoritarianism.

“The Body Is…” Exhibition

“The Body is…” exhibition features a series of art mannequins painted in acrylic. Fifteen teenagers have used the mannequins to express their impressions of the human body. The aim of the exhibition is to allow the young people a chance to define their sense of self and their attempts to understand life.

Pianist Wong Wai-yin in the studio

17-year-old pianist Wong Wai-yin is giving a recital in the Hong Kong Arts Centre. She’s a true child prodigy, having entered the Academy For Performing Arts at 5. Today she is in our studio to talk to us and perform Rachmaninov.


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