In the Show – 29th March 2011

“Lost Tango” (Ute Lemper and the Piazzolla Sextet)

Astor Piazzolla was born in 1921. He died in 1992. During his lifetime he created a revolution. But it wasn’t a revolution that involved guns or explosives. It involved the bandoneon and what he revolutionised was the music of the tango. In Hong Kong last weekend, the Piazzolla Sextet joined forces with German singer Ute Lemper to perform works by Piazzolla to round off this year’s Hong Kong Arts Festival. The Piazzolla Sextet includes veteran musicians who were involved with Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango Quintet since 1978, such as violinist and musical director, Fernando Suarez Paz and double bassist, Hector Console. Among the younger musicians are Piazzolla’s grandson, drummer Daniel Astor Piazzolla.

Movie Review – “Another Year”

Mike Leigh’s “Another Year” is centered on geological engineer Tom (Jim Broadbent) and counsellor Gerri (Ruth Sheen), a married couple who are nearing retirement and coming to terms with the fact they are getting older. They find respite from their jobs on an allotment, where they like to spend the hours in all weathers planting and growing their own vegetables. The movie takes us through a year in their lives, and its title “Another Year” has more than one layer of meaning. It’s partly about the cycle of the seasons but also about the erosions of time. Despite that it’s often lighthearted and warm. Gary Pollard reviews it.

Hong Kong Woman Photographers

Almost since its beginnings men have dominated photography, even though there have been occasional highly respected woman photographers like Julia Margaret Cameron and Annie Leibovitz. Usually though, particularly in Hong Kong, it’s the boys who are out at the weekends with their camera equipment and their long lenses hanging around their necks. But more and more women are turning to photography as a hobby … or as a career. We talk to two of them: Quist Tsang and Ki Wong.

In the studio – Irish pipe player Davy Spillane

Davy Spillane was born in Dublin in 1959. He’s been playing the uilleann pipes since he was twelve, as well as other Irish instruments. He’s performed with the Riverdance stage show, worked with folk musicians in America, made albums of contemporary and traditional Irish music, played with artists like Elvis Costello and Van Morrison, played on world music CDs that combine African and Celtic music, and written movie soundtracks like the soundtrack for “Rob Roy”.. On the day of our show he was performing in Hong Kong with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong . He also makes all his own instruments, one of which – the low flute – we’re delighted to have him playing for us in the studio.


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