In the Show – 5th April 2011

Art for Clean Air

PictureHaving trouble breathing lately? Hong Kong’s air pollution is now three times worse than New York’s. In the hope of improving the situation the Clean Air Network has asked a group of artists to donate works to an exhibition and an auction. Over two million dollars in funds were raised for future promotional efforts.

Movie Review – “Inside Job”

PictureIn our film review,  Gary Pollard talks to us about “Inside Job”, Charles Feguson’s Oscar-winning documentary about how a group of bankers, financiers, academics and politicians came close to destroying the world economy. Not only did they all escape any punishment, despite doing more damage to developed nations than Al Qaeda, most of them gave themselves nice bonuses.

Koh Hang-woo solo show

The Cat Street Gallery is presenting the first solo show in Hong Kong by the acclaimed Korean-American artist, Koh Sang Woo. Sang Woo creates vivid images of human figures with an approach that adopts painting, performance, and photography.

Li Tianbing


We also talk to artist Li Tianbing, whose portraits of childhood are portraits of the society in which those children grow. A single-child, owing to China’s one child policy, Li populates his canvas with the imaginary brothers and sisters he never had.

Jazz Guitarists Martin Taylor and Ulf Wakenius in Hong Kong

PictureFinally, two great jazz guitarists. Martin Taylor was born in England. Heavily influenced by the music of Django Reinhart, he later went on to perform with the great jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli. Ulf Wakenius was born in Sweden, and played for many years with the Oscar Peterson Quartet. He was recently on the works with Koran jazz singer Youn Sun Nah. Both recently joined forces to play a couple of concerts in Hong Kong. We caught up with them at the Skylark Lounge.

There’s an extended edit of the interview with the two of them here.


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