In the Show – 12th April 2011

Writers Amitav Ghosh and Mrs MoneyPenny

PictureYou may remember that a couple of weeks ago we introduced you to writer Jonathan Watts, who had visited Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Literary Festival. This week we’re introducing two more very different authors from opposite sides of the world who were her for the same event. Indian writer of “Sea of Poppies” Amitav Ghosh, and the very English Mrs Moneypenny.

Movie Review: “Hanna”

PictureOnce upon a time, a girl lived in the woods with her father. That girl is “Hanna”, and in Joe Wright’s film of the same name, she reaches sixteen and is about to step out into the big wide world and encounter, among others, an evil stepmother. It sounds like a fairy tale, and in a way it is, but it’s also a spy thriller. The evil stepmother figure works for the CIA. So how do the two different genres combine? Reviewer Gary Pollard was mostly impressed.

Tribute to Ai Weiwei

PictureTo show their concern about the detention of Ai Weiwei in mainland China, several local artists have been creating a series of photographs. In 1995, Ai himself made a series of three photographs called “Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn” in which he … well … dropped a Han Dynasty Urn. Hong Kong artists responded to the news of his arrest by creating a series of variations on that theme.

Microsculptor Willard Wigan

PictureHow steady are your hands? How long would it take you to thread cotton through a sewing needle like this? Some of us are better at it than others. But suppose I asked you to make a sculpture inside the hole at the end of the needle? Well, English artist Willard Wigan could get a whole crowd of people into that little space. But it takes an almost supernaturally steady hand.

In the studio – Theremin Player Lydia Kavina

PictureHere’s a question. What musical instrument can you play without even laying a finger on it? Need a clue? It was invented only in 1928.… Well, it’s the theremin. And Lydia Kavina, who learned from the inventor Lev Theremin, is in our studio to demonstrate its very special sound.


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