In the Show: 19th April 2011

Zao Wou-ki

PictureInternationally, Zao Wou-ki is one of the most respected Chinese artists. He’s 90 this year, and has been painting since he was 14. He’s become a French citizen and lived most of his life in Paris, where he produces works that are mostly abstract but that still combine Chinese and Western elements. For its inaugural exhibition in Hong Kong de Sarthe Fine Arts exhibited ten of his greatest works.

Film Review – “Limitless”

Neil Burger’s film “Limitless” is about a drug that can make you smart, give you the ability to use 100% of your brain instead of the 20% or so we supposedly normally use. Eddie Morry (Bradley Cooper) plays a writer who knows he has a great novel inside him. The problem is he can’t write the first word … until he takes a drug called NZT-48, which turns him into a genius … sort of. Gary Pollard reviews it.

Wet-Plate Photography

PictureGavin Au is a Hong Kong-based artist. In his first solo exhibition “Still sitting on the wall” he’s reflecting on recent events in mainland China and Hong Kong.He sees the exhibition as, in part, a dialogue with a series of photographs by Chinese photographer Weng Fen ten years ago. In his photos Weng was reflecting the state of change in China since it opened its doors to greater capitalism. All of the photos in Gavin’s exhibition were made using the 19th century “wet plate collodion process”, invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer.

Studio Performance: Tina Karen Lo and Joanna Li

In our studio performance, Tina Karen Lo and Joanna Li bring together the piano and the guitar. They’ll be giving us a preview of their upcoming concert on 4th May which includes works by Diabelli, Giuliani, and Ponce, as well as an adaptation of the Butterfly Lovers Concerto.


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