In the Show – May 3rd 2011

Restoration of King Yin Lei

PictureAs some people say: “Hong Kong will be a nice place if they ever get it finished.” We’re always tearing down old buildings and putting up newer and taller ones. It seems like we, or at least our property developers and government, don’t much care about the past. But Hong Kong does have around a hundred declared monuments, ranging from rock carvings to schools, that the government has said it will preserve. One Chinese-style mansion, King Yin Lei, was in the process of being torn down before architecture-lovers managed to persuade the government that it should be considered a historic building. We look at the restoration work.

Movie Review – “Thor”

PictureAvid fans of the comic book “Thor” have been watching the production of the movie every step of the way, eagerly mopping up titbits of information from the location. Many were not happy when Kenneth Branagh was chosen to direct. They also groaned when Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was chosen to play the flaxen-haired hammer-wielding God and super-hero. He’d previously been in soap operas like “Neighbours” and “Home and Away”. But the fans’ fears may have been misplaced. As Gary Pollard tells us, Branagh and Hemsworth are fine. It’s the movie’s awful fake 3D that lets it down.

Riverdance in The Works Studio

For more than 16 years, Riverdance has been celebrating Irish music, song and dance. Since it first appeared in 1994, it has thrilled more than 22 million people in over 350 venues in 40 countries and across 4 continents. And that doesn’t even count all the people who have seen it on television, DVD, or on the internet.

Well, this week, Riverdance is here in Hong Kong and here in our studio.


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