In the Show – 24th May 2011

Ha Bik-chuen Retrospective;

The veteran artist Ha Bik-chuen died in 2009, but he left behind a spectacular legacy of sculptures, prints, ink art, mixed media works, and photographs. He also made a lasting contribution to Hong Kong’s art world. The Museum of Art is currently featuring a retrospective of his work, which even includes a reconstruction of his studio space.

Movie Review – “Animal Kingdom”

David Michod’s “Animal Kingdom” won the World Cinema Jury Prize at 2010’s Sundance Film Festival. It’s a film about seventeen year old Joshua who, after the death of his mother, goes to live with his grandmother and uncles. It sounds a bit like a Hallmark Channel kids movie, but it’s far from that. For one thing, Joshua’s mother died of a heroin overdose. Slowly we begin to realise why she kept him away from her own mother and brothers. His uncles are part of a gang of armed robbers, and Granny Smurf as she likes to call herself, is perhaps more dangerous than all the rest of them put together.

Hong Kong Artists go to Africa

Away from Hong Kong’s galleries and museums we’re increasingly getting the chance to see art as we do our shopping. The K11 Mall recently sponsored two artists to take a trip to Africa with a member of its own staff and present their impressions of what used to be known as the “dark continent”. The resulting art works are on show now, in an exhibition called “East Africa – Joy on the Red Soil”.

Studio Performance: Bob Mocarsky

Bob Mocarsky grew up in a musical family and started playing the piano at six, studying it with his father. He established himself in San Francisco as a performing and studio musician but in 2001, he began performing in cities across Asia, and now lives in Hong Kong. Today he’s with us to talk about, and play a tune from, his new Shanghai-recorded CD, titled appositely enough “Shanghai”. .


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