In the Show- 31st May 2011

Future of Chinese Ink Painting; Movie Review – “Let the Wind Carry Me”; Cross Straits Artistic Exchange; In the studio – Carel Kraayenhof and Karen Gomyo

PictureFor centuries Chinese ink painting has been a relatively conservative art form. Many artists have judged their success by how well they can follow established ways of doing things. So how does ink painting move into the future? Artist Zheng Chongbin now focuses on abstract metaphysical paintings. His work was among that discussed at a recent seminar on new developments in the art form.






The documentary “Let the Wind Carry Me” is about the life and work of cinematographer Mark Lee, otherwise known as Lee Ping-bing. If you are a lover of Asian movies with more artistic ambitions you will certainly know his work. He has filmed for Hou Hsiao-hsien and Wong Kar-wai among others. The title refers to the fact that he likes to incorporate wind and other elements into his work, not only as a subject but also metaphorically, and to his nomadic existence as a much in demand camera man. Gary Pollard reveniws “Let the Wind Carry Me”.

PictureCurrently on show at the Hong Kong Arts Centre is “1+1: A Cross-Strait-Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project“. It’s part of a series of touring exhibitions jointly organized by the centre itself, the Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum, and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts. Fourteen participating artists, five from mainland china, three from Hong Kong, four from Taiwan and two from Macau were invited to take part in 1+1. Last October they attended a gathering at the Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum to present their creative concepts to one another. Once they had done so, the artists chose a partner to work with.








In our studio today are two musicians who are performing “Bravo Piazzolla” with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday and Saturday. Bandoneonist Carel Kraayenhof introduces his instrument and plays us Astor Piazzolla’s “Adios Nonino” while violinist Karen Gomyo performs Piazzolla’s “Tango Etude No 3”


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