In the Show – 7th June 2011

“Love the Future” Exhibition; Wang Keping and Huang Rui in Hong Kong; Movie Review – “X-Men: First Class”; Laura Fygi

PictureOutside of the mainland authorities, no one knows the current whereabouts, of artist Ai Weiwei. The question “Where is Ai Weiwei?” was very much in evidence at the recent Art HK 11. Mainland censors have tried to stop even his name being mentioned on the internet and in web forums. Web users have been getting around that by using the Chinese phrase for “Love the Future”, which sounds considerably like his name. In the “Love the Future” exhibition. 50 local visual artists and poets express their views on the detention of Ai Weiwei, and what it might mean for Hong Kong’s future freedom of expression.

PicturePictureAi Weiwei was a founder member of the Stars art group. We talk to two other founder members of the group, Wang Keping and Huang Rui, who were recently in Hong Kong. Wang Keping and Huang Rui exhibited with Ai Weiwei as part of the Stars Group. From the beginning, the members of the group fought against censorship and too much emphasis on old forms of art.

Picture“X-Men: First Class” is what’s called, in the lexicography of comic book fans, an “origins” movie. In other words, it tells us how our super-heroes, got – or at least realised they had – their superpowers. Directed by Matthew Vaughan, it gives us an insight into the motivations of such heroes and anti-heroes as Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Emma Frost, Beat, and more. Gary Pollard reviews it.

PictureDutch singer Laura Fygi’s new CD is called “The Best is Yet to Come”, and on it she performs jazz standards with a big band. She’s been on a tour of China singing songs from the album, and last Tuesday she performed at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. On the new CD, and in the concert, she sang the 1940 Mandarin pop song “Rose Rose I Love You”. While she was here she was delighted to meet not only its earlier singers Yao Lee and Rebecca Pan, but also the son of the original music composer.


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