In the Show – 14th June 2011

Art HK 11

PictureThis year’s Art HK 11 featured 260 galleries from 38 countries, up from 155 galleries the previous year. Over 1,000 artists’ works were on display and more than 63,500 people visited, a 37.7% increase. News had come early in May that the Swiss MCH Group, organisers of the world’s two leading art fairs, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami had bought a 60% stake in the fair for an undisclosed price.

The fair’s new majority stakeholders announced that they wanted to move next year’s event to early February to avoid being too close to Art Basel, which is held in June. After concerns were raised that it would then clash with the Chinese New Year holiday, the organiser changed the dates back to the middle of May. However the long-term plan remains to move the fair to early spring. But is the fair going to retain its identity?

“Laughing with a Mouth Full of Blood”

Picture“Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood” is the human condition, which is however life it is, it will come to an end. That’s the truth of it. So you are laughing but you are dying at the same time.” That’s the philosophy behind the new painting exhibition by Simon Birch at Hong Kong’s Museum of Medical Sciences.

PictureLalan Exhibition

We also look at an exhibition at the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery by dancer, musician, poet, and painter Lalan, who moved to Paris with her husband Zao Wou-ki but then went on to forge her own path as an artist.

Movie Review – “Super 8”

PictureIn our film review, Gary Pollard tells us what happens when J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg collaborate on the movie “Super 8” It’s the story of a group of teenagers making a Super 8 movie, who encounter a creature from outer space.

In the Studio – Guqin player Zhao Jiazhen

PictureOn Friday and Saturday this week, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra is letting us hear “A Dialogue Between a Guqin and a Gragnani”, what happens when an 18th century Gragnani violin meets a Song Dynasty guqin . The concert features violinist Lu Siqing and guqin virtuoso Zhao Jiazhen. Zhao Jiazhen is in our studio to give us a preview.


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