In the Show – 28th June 2011

PictureIn town last week, performing two shows at Grappa’s in Central, was a legend of the jazz world: saxophonist Ernie Watts. The two-time Grammy award winner has played with some of the greatest names in jazz and pop history, with orchestras, and with big bands. He’s played for TV shows, and movie soundtracks, and on more than 500 records. His diverse career spans more than 40 years.




PictureAt the New Gallery on Old Bailey until 16th July you can see an exhibition by Sim Chan, or Chan Wing-Leung. The show’s called “[Kōng]2” and in it Chan meditates on the many meanings of the word “空” and shows us our city from a worm’s eye perspective.






PictureThe Ken Bruen novel “London Boulevard” is a reworking of Billy Wilder’s classic “Sunset Boulevard”. “Sunset Boulevard” is about an out of work screenwriter who becomes a handyman and gigolo for a much older and retired female movie star. “London Boulevard” is about an ex-con, Mitchell, played by Colin Farrell. His mates want him back in the underworld. He gets a job minding a retired movie star. But this time she’s not so much older. She’s Charlotte, played by Keira Knightley. Gary Pollard reviews it.

“Torre pendente di Pisa “is an experimental project by local artists and activists “Museum Minus”. Inspired by what they call the growing “Real Estate Hegemony”, they have turned their 150 square feet office in an industrial building in Prince Edward into a duplex show flat. Before visiting the “show flat”, visitors are required to take part in a role-play briefing. They will be potential buyers dealing with a “property agent” played by an actor.

PictureThe Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, held every year in July in the town of Kuhmo, is Finland’s largest chamber music festival. It’s become an annual meeting ground of world-renowned music-makers. On Thursday, musicians from that festival are performing in Hong Kong, along with locally born cellist Trey Lee. They are in our studio.


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