In the Show – 5th July 2011

PictureWith auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s getting record prices for selling art here, and with the Art Fair growing from strength to strength, Hong Kong’s arts market is booming. But it’s a paradox. As artists get popular, their work gets expensive, and thus loses its opportunity to communicate their ideas to those who can’t afford it. Local artist Amy Cheung asks is price equals artistic value, and at this year’s Art Fair she presented her “Chance Machine”, a lottery that gives users the chance to win a piece by one of 15 participating artists. 

PictureAndy Warhol and other Pop artists believed art could be about everyday objects. He also believed that to get around the issues of inflated prices and exclusivity it should be mass-producable. He called his art studio “The Factory”. An exhibition at Elements Shopping Mall is curated by his nephew, illustrator James Warhola, and James shares with us some of his memories of his uncle. 




PictureTerrence Malick has made just five feature films in a career spanning five decades, but what movies they are: “Badlands”, “Days of Heaven”, “The Thin Red Line”, “The New World”, and now “Tree of Life”. It’s been said that Malick doesn’t have fans. He has disciples. Like his other movies, “Tree of Life” deals with major questions of life, death, spirituality, and man’s place in nature. It depicts the life of a Texas family in the 1950s, the origins of the universe and life, and the dinosaurs. It was awarded the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Reviewer Gary Pollard loves the movie.



PictureCurrently on show at the Museum of Art is an exhibition called “Ink Art versus Ink Art”. A restaging of an exhibition held at Expo Shanghai last year, it shows the wide variety of ink work by Hong Kong artists, from the traditional to the modern. 

It’s hard for young musicians to get opportunities to perform, particularly if their music is demanding or less mainstream. “Spotlight on Young Musicians”, a series of concerts put on by the Art Development Council and the Academy for Performing Arts, aims to redress that. At the first concert in the series, fourteen young musicians n four ensembles presented a wide range of musical styles. 


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